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At Web Consultant On Call dot Com we are pleased to present the series of "Non Toxic Building Products" themed websites that promote and are anchored by such companies which we believe to be outstanding in terms of achieving our above stated concern.  Much like a talent scout (talent agent / talent agency) we promote and network you to these manufacturers and retailers directly.  It fits perfectly with our mission to propagate non toxic thinking.

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One of our greatest human resources whom we have in North America is Cindy Meehan-Patton of Shelter Ecology, Inc. in Asheville, NC, USA.  Re. "Non Toxic Grout" she sent the folowing counsel in an email which deserves to be shared:

 ... a website link that explores "less toxic" grout is: want to reiterate that this is simply a less toxic choice, not non-toxic.  It is made primarily from Portland cement and Latex. There are several kinds to choose from depending on what your project is.  I have heard good things about this grout in terms of low odors but I know nothing more about it becasue I have not used it.  I usually just steer people in the direction of standard grout and then have them apply the AFM Safecoat Grout Sealer over the grout and it does lock out odors nicely - as do most Safecoat products. ..."





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 BUY AFM SafeCoat ® Grout Sealer

MFG. Part #: 3102 Clear

  • Clear, moisture resistant sealer for porous tile grout
  • Reacts with the grout to become part of the grout
  • Increases water resistance, minimizing the penetration of liquid, and helping to prevent staining.
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    We are pleased to promote KPM Industries Ltd., your source for a wealth of diversified products and services for the construction industry and related markets.  This company knows about concrete and grout.







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    Know the facts about The James Dick Story. Please also visit a new website for Ontarians called . Here you can learn in an entertaining way all about how stone, sand and gravel play an important role in your life.

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    Healthy Builder uses non toxic building products


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